Moaaz's Story

Moaaz before cleft surgery

Before operating in Alexandria we went to visit a family in Nassiriya, a village located at 30 km from Alexandria, to pick up Moaaz, who was scheduled for surgery on the same day. We were welcomed in their home and offered tea.

Moaaz  held by grandmother

The family started to explain their situation to Dr. Ahmed Serag. The father of Moaaz is an elevator technician. Because of the current situation in Egypt, he is not frequently working and currently unemployed. The family (wife and child's grandmother) live with about $5 per day. They couldn't afford private medical treatment, and the process of going through government-offered treatment is so difficult, hardly possible for most people. The waiting lists are infinite and people give up trying.

Moaaz leaving home

The family’s home cost them about $3,000, which they are currently suffering to pay. The area is lacking clean water and many other services.

Moaaz being carried to surgery

In six months time Moaaz will undergo the second surgery to close his palate.

Moaaz after surgery